FEAA Honorific Membership

Application period is now closed and will open in January 2024.

The FEAA application is now open and will be available through February 15, 2023!

REMINDER: FEAA is on a 4-year renewal cycle. 2022 inaugural FEAA honorees do not need to reaffirm their eligibility until 2026.

Endocrine Alliance Academy is the educational arm of the Endocrine Alliance.

Fellow of Endocrine Alliance Academy (FEAA) is an honorific membership, to honor and recognize endocrinologists who have dedicated their lives to the field of endocrinology.

  • Endocrinologists from member groups of the Endocrine Alliance are welcome to apply for this honor.
  • There is NO FEE for this application & designation at this time.
  • The application period will be January 2 through February 15 of each year.

Application/Review Process

  • Applicants must meet the FEAA criteria (see Application Criteria for FEAA)
  • A committee of dedicated volunteer clinical endocrinologists at the Endocrine Alliance will review each submitted application and recommend approval of this honor for deserving applicants.
  • On approval of the fellowship proposal, selected endocrinologists will receive an e-certificate via email and will be able to use the FEAA (Fellow of Endocrine Alliance Academy) designation in their credentials demonstrating their dedication, advocacy and/or leadership in the field of endocrinology. Awardees will also be honored on the Endocrine Alliance website.
  • Member groups are strongly encouraged to hold a convocation ceremony during their annual meeting to recognize these awardees.
  • FEAA will be on a 4-year renewal cycle (requesting current honorees to affirm their continued eligibility for this honorific fellowship).

If you have any questions, please email us or reach out to any of the leaders of the Endocrine Alliance or your regional/state Endocrine Association.

Application Criteria for FEAA

  1. Active Membership of EA Member Regional or State Endocrine Association
  2. Board Certification in Endocrinology by ABIM/ABMS or AOBIM (for DO Physicians)
  3. Three years post-completion of ACGME accredited (or DO equivalent) Endocrinology Fellowship (as determined by ABIM/AOBIM Endocrine Board certification)
  4. Engagement in Endocrinology demonstrated by attendance of any National or regional/state Endocrine Meeting in the last 2 years.
  5. Grassroots advocacy or leadership in EA member regional endocrine association or national endocrine organization OR
  6. Academic or clinical leadership (APD or PD or Chairperson or Lead of Endocrine Division or fellowship or equivalent) OR
  7. Engagement & participation in state or regional or national endocrine association (as a presenter or as an attendee, or participating on a committee/taskforce/board etc.) OR
  8. Peer-reviewed publications in endocrinology
  9. Current honorary fellowship* from another endocrine association. A professional reference is required for applicants who do not currently hold an existing honorary fellowship from another endocrine association. See below for additional information.
    *Honorary fellowship designations include ACP (FACP), ASBMR (FASBMR), TOS (FTOS), NLA (FNLA), AACE/ACE (FACE), FAPCR, or FACOI (for DO physician endocrinologists), FRCP, or MRCP.

Professional Reference for FEAA Honor

If you do not currently hold an existing honorary fellowship from another endocrine organization, the application will ask you to provide a professional reference who can recommend approval for your FEAA honor.

You may use any current FEAA honoree or a leader (officer or board member) from your state/regional endocrine association leadership as a reference.

Your reference will receive an email from the Endocrine Alliance requesting their recommendation for your approval as an FEAA honoree. 

Legal Disclaimer: Please note that the FEAA designation is not a GME accredited fellowship but an honorific fellowship/membership honoring our colleagues who have dedicated their lives to Endocrinology (e.g., FACP, FASBMR, FACE, FTOS, FNLA, FACR, FACC).