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California Chapter of AACE Member Update

posted: August 19, 2020

Dear members of California AACE,

By now, you should all have received an e-mail from national AACE outlining its plan to dissolve its affiliation with chapters beginning October 1, 2020.

We, the Board of Directors, want to reassure our members that our organization will remain intact, although under a new name, and will continue to support the clinical endocrinologist. We began to deliberate as soon as the notification about national AACE’s decision was released, and we will have more information pertaining to this process at the Business Meeting portion of the virtual Annual Meeting being held the weekend of September 12 – 13. Our California chapter is financially strong and has already been working with a capable management team over the last two years. Therefore, we anticipate a fairly smooth transition to becoming an independent entity.

Our state organization will continue to be a home for you, the clinical endocrinologist, in California. We will continue to support you through educational initiatives for both endocrinologists and primary care providers as well as through advocacy platforms for issues including physician burnout and insurance reimbursement. We will continue to work on legislative and socioeconomic issues to benefit our patients and the practice of endocrinology. We intend to continue to uphold these traditions and ideals.

We strive for the new organization to enhance the ability of endocrinologists in California to thrive in a constantly changing environment.

We look forward to further discussion with you in a few short weeks. We look forward to preserving the personal interaction and camaraderie that we have all enjoyed throughout the years. Please let us know if you have any questions.

We remain committed to you all.


The Board of Directors of California AACE

  • Matthew Levine, MD, President
  • Jane Weinreb, MD, Vice President
  • Dianne Cheung, MD, Treasurer
  • Jennifer Han, MD, Secretary
  • Michael Bush, MD
  • Chris Guerin, MD
  • Jody Hawkins, MD
  • Tina Mosaferi, MD, Endocrine Fellow
  • Zoe Quandt, MD, Endocrine Fellow
  • Herbert Rettinger, MD
  • Renil Rodriguez Martinez, MD
  • Priya Shah, MD
  • Patricia Wu, MD
  • William Zigrang, MD