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New 2021 E/M Codes

posted: December 11, 2020

Dear CACE members,

I hope this message finds you well.

2020 has been a tumultuous year that brought unprecedented changes to every aspect of daily life and clinical endocrine practice is no exception. Despite unforeseen challenges, the widespread adoption of telemedicine during the pandemic has meant patients are able to continue to receive quality care. 2021 will see the adoption of new CPT E/M out-patient codes that place emphasis on time spent coordinating and providing care. These new E/M code changes should simplify coding while improve the accuracy with which they reflect your hard work. Please find linked in this message a summary description of the new 2021 E/M codes as well as a detailed review provided by the AMA.

2021 E/M Changes   AMA Review of E/M Changes

I hope you will find the information useful to plan for the upcoming E/M coding changes.

With best wishes,

Patricia Wu, MD, FACE, FRCPE
Chair, CACE Practice Management/ Legislative Committee