Great Lakes Society of Diabetes and Endocrinology

About Us

The Great Lakes Society of Diabetes and Endocrinology is designed to bring together those in the field of endocrinology for conversations to improve quality of care, increase awareness, and create a professional forum for scientific and advocacy issues that surround the field of endocrinology.

The GLSDE is a proud member of the Endocrine Alliance, a national organization that champions awareness related to endocrine disease through education and advocacy. As a benefit, GLSDE members have access to exclusive educational content on the EA website!


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Board of Directors


Luis F. Chavez, MD
Vice President
Erlin J. Marte, MD, PhD
Michael William Quartuccio, MD
Immediate Past President
Ruban Dhaliwal, MD, MPH, FEAA

Board of Directors Representative
Marisa E. Desimone, MD
Board of Directors Representative
Aidar R. Gosmanov, MD, PhD,FACE
Board of Directors Representative
Howard Alvin Lippes, MD, FACE
Board of Directors Representative
Toni M. Murphy, DO, FACOI, FACE
Board of Directors Representative
Rajeev Sharma, MD, FACE

Headquarter Office

Associate Director
Alyssa Kec