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JEST: Joslin Epigenetic Study

posted: December 12, 2019

Dear Colleagues:

We have been studying whether diabetes control can affect the epigenetic marks in a man’s sperm and thus affect health of his offspring — beyond genetic factors. We thank you so much for your help in identifying potential participants.

We are now looking at whether treatment with SGLT2i in men with T2D can modify the sperm epigenome. (Mouse data indicate that treatment of male mice with SGLT2i can also improve offspring health.)

We will provide empagliflozin at no cost to participants, glucose testing supplies, and clinical care for 3 months to eligible men — T2D and A1c >7.5%. Besides drug, participants will receive:

  • clinical care with weekly adjustment of meds to improve overall glucose levels,
  • parking,
  • compensation (up to $225).

We will study sperm samples at the beginning and end of the 3 month treatment.

Please see the info below — which is also printed on cards in exam rooms on the corner of the desk (facing the patients).

Study Graphic.

Please contact us at if you have anyone who might qualify and benefit from a 3-month medication supply and improved diabetes control.

Thank you in advance!
Mary Elizabeth and Elvira